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All donations go directly toward funding development of public facing education programs with our Empress for Movements partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Empress for Movements?

Our mission is to use education to improve our society and our environment. As part of this goal, we sponsor companies and teams creating public programs focused on driving positive change for our communities. Through Empress for Movements, companies are extended our solutions at no cost to reach others with their positive message.

What is a seed?

A seed is the unit we use to collect donations. You may choose to purchase seeds with a one-time sponsorship as a Grassroots Sponsor or on a recurring basis as a Grassroots+ Sponsor. You may contribute any amount you like by choosing your number of seeds. The funding from these seeds plants the foundation for new ideas to grow into Grassroots Movement.

What is my sponsorship used for?

All Sponsorships are used to fund programs with our Empress for Movements partners. All marketing, research, operations, and related business costs are completely covered by our business-facing service offerings. Using sponsorships this way ensures that your contribution does not fund our “overhead costs” and goes directly into making a positive impact on the community.

Can I sponsor a specific type of program?

We consider all applicants for sponsorship in our program. We’re most passionate about education, social justice, mental health, and sustainability. By default, donations will be used to develop programs like these or on topics approved based on other submitted applications. To sponsor a specific program, we ask that you reach out to our team to discuss the cost of fully funding a program to ensure we can deliver on your vision.

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