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Our Mission

Help the world grow toward a more sustainable future.

Our Services

We provide education, community, and career development services for eco-friendly professionals 

Our Belief

We believe that helping people find opportunity in green industries is the best way to create positive change on the environment

Our Values

We accomplish our mission by maintaining each our core values

We listen, stay open minded, and make progress that works for everyone.

We take pride in ourselves and follow our inspirations.

We love unique ideas and adjust to new situations.

We welcome everyone and celebrate differences.

We do what we love and help others do the same.

Our Guiding Principles

Our values impact our decisions with the support of our guiding principles


We create more value than we receive


We consider our entirety of our impact


We keep ideas simple and clear

Why are we named Empress?

Empress is the name of a beautiful and fast growing tree. It's known for its rapid CO2 absorption and positive impact on the environment. Similar to the Empress tree, we hope to quickly grow toward making a positive impact on the world.

Issues We Care About

We support these issues however we can

Our Promise to the Community

To the people who believe in the right to change. To those who know that everyone deserves the freedom to be themselves. And to the ones who make a difference by being different, by chasing their dreams, and by having the courage to give it their all.

To the people who believe in the magic of human connection. To those who break boundaries to bring people together for the benefit of everyone. And to the ones who give everything to make a difference for the people who need it most.

To the innovators, the creators, the curious thinkers, and the fearless explorers. To those who aren’t afraid to show the world the unique and beautiful qualities that make you who you are. And to the ones with the courage to pursue dreams that are bigger than themselves.

Thank you.

We promise to do everything we can to support your journey toward a more sustainable future. We hope you'll grow with us as we make progress for the benefit of everyone. 

- Empress Education

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